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Aizkorbe (Faustino)

Aizkorbe 1 BN

Faustino Aizkorbe is a Navarrese sculptor born in Olloki, Navarra, in 1948. From Artmonite we want to spread the figure of this sculptor and offer 3D print models of his work.

Faustino was trained at the School of Arts and Crafts in Pamplona and since the end of the seventies he has been opting for sculpture. In 1977 he held his first individual exhibition at the Sala de García Castañón in Pamplona. Its catalog includes a text by Jorge Oteiza that supports him in his public presentation.

In the eighties he established himself as one of the great values among Navarrese creators and from 1985 his exhibitions, both individual and collective, multiplied. Faustino Aizkorbe is one of the Navarrese sculptors who has achieved a greater international projection. In his extensive artistic curriculum there are exhibitions in Germany, France, Japan, Switzerland, Venezuela, Argentina or the United States.

Aizkorbe is a preeminently abstract sculptor, who likes to work on geometries that seek spaces, dynamic and winged forms or floating joints, just as he likes to define them. The sculpture of Aizkorbe, despite its fully contemporary aesthetic, easily reaches the public, which has allowed him to reap significant success and has made him one of the best-regarded and most transcendent sculptors in Navarra.

Faustino Aizkorbe belongs to the group of the Basque School of Sculpture. He began working with materials such as wood and marble, later moving on to concrete and bronze. In recent times, he has assiduously worked with corten steel, which due to its technical qualities adapts to his creative will and is suitable for exteriors in public works. Aizkorbe endows the aforementioned materials with an admirable formal perfection;. The artist seeks that public sculpture brings peace to the people and reduces the drama of the modern era.

His work has obtained several sculpture prizes such as the First Prize for Sculpture in the City of Agoitz-Aoiz, Navarra (1977), the Gold Medal of the IV Pollença Sculpture Contest, in Mallorca (1987), Rotary Club Prize for the sculpture Nuevo Futuro (1990), First Prize for Sculpture Caja de Ahorros de Toledo (1991), First prize in the San Fermín Poster Contest, Pamplona (1995), Navarra Prize for Excellence (2019).

Aizkobe has always been concerned with developing Public Sculpture outside of Spain. We can cite the colossal project for Purdue University in Indianapolis (U.S.A.), which since 2002 presides over the university campus, the sculptural complex in Rosensteinpark in Stuttgart (Germany), or the monumental Francis Xavier in Yamaguchi (Japan), all of them, outstanding works of the artist.

In Spain we can give a special mention to the sculptures in the Public University of Navarra, in the Plaza Alcalde Lloret (Tarragona), in the Palace of Justice of Navarra, in the Es Baluard Museum (Palma de Mallorca), in the Señorío de Bertiz (Navarra) and in the Vuelta del Castillo park in Pamplona. Other interesting works by Aizkorbe are La Amistad, a work installed in Valladolid, Cabeza, located in the Madrid town of Navalcarnero, the Block sculpture, located in the sculpture garden of the Fundació Fran Daurel in Barcelona, the Monument to Chopera, in Illumbe , San Sebastián and the Estela del Camino in Roncesvalles, starting point of the Way of St James



1977, 1987, 1991 Pamplona,
1989 Galería de Arte Goya de Zaragoza,
1990 Galería Lina Fon de Honk-Kong,
1991, 1995 Jean Art Gallery de Seúl,
1991 Galerie Döbele de Stuttgart,
1991 Galería Centro de Arte Euroamericano de Caracas,
1992 Galería J-3 Art. Consulting de Bilbao,
1993 Museo Barjola de Gijón,
1994, 1995, 2002, 2007, 2008, Galería María Forcada de Tudela,
1995, Galerie Christian Zeller de Berna,
1997, Galería Azul de Pamplona,
1998, Centro de Escultura Contemporánea de Tokyo,
1999, Galerie Adriana Schmidt de Colonia,
1999, Palacio de Vallesantoro de Sangüesa,
2000, Aula Carolina Aachen, en Aachen, Alemania,
2000, Galerie Portal de San Juan de Luz,
2000, Calahorra,
2002, 2004, Galería María José Granillo de Córdoba, Argentina,
2003, Galería Luis Burgos de Madrid,
2003-2004, Kur Art Gallery de San Sebastián,
2007, Casa de Cultura de Lodosa,
2009, Mutilva Baja,
2010, Sala CAI Luzán de Zaragoza.


1997, II Bienal of painting and sculptures of Santander (Spain)
1980, “Yesterday, today and tomorrow”, Pamplona’s Citadel (Spain),
1980, 1982, Jumelage Pamplona Baiona, (Spain and France)
1986, 2001, ARCO, Madrid (Spain)
1991, 1992, Arte Expo, Tokio (Japan)
1991, 1992, Art Base, Basilea (Switzerland)
1991, Art Chicago (USA)
1991, Art Expo New York (USA)
1991, Art Cologne'91 (Germany)
1992, Expo'92, Sevilla (Spain)
1996, “75 years of Navarrese painting and sculpture, 1921-1996,”, Pamplona (Spain)
1998, Lisbon'98, Lisbon (Portugal)
1999, Art for Lakua-2, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
2000, 2001, Nafarroa Oinez, Pamplona (Spain)
2000, 2001, Córdoba Art, Argentina (Spain)
2002, “The vision of today’s 44 painter and navarrese sculptors”, Pamplona, Spain
2003, “From Montparnasse to the pure idea: trip through the vanguards of the s. XX in the Serra Collection”, San Sebastián (Spain)
2003-2011, Artea Oinez (itinerant), (Spain)
2004, “From one place, 1978-2004”, Moisés Pérez de Albéniz Gallery, Pamplona (Spain)
2005, “Identities”, Edurne Gallery , Madrid, 2005 (Spain)
2006, “Pure Art” Vigo'06 , Vigo (Spain)
2008, “Oteiza: memory and appropriations”, Pamplona (Spain)


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