Saint Francis Xavier

This figure of Saint Francis Xavier was commissioned by the Pamplona City Council to Faustino Aizkorbe on the occasion of the V Centenary of the birth of the Saint. The artist created a large-format work (more than 5 meters high, without counting the pedestal) made of bronze and covered in a green patina. The artist contributes a personal and contemporary vision of the figure of the Saint, that he endows with polished and clear forms. The figure is installed in the Yamaguchi Park in Pamplona. To scan it, a reproduction was used in a smaller format, courtesy of a private collector from Pamplona.

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Adding to the cart you will download the STL file, needed to print the sculpture on a 3D printer. If you are interested in acquiring the work already printed, contact us so that we can inform you of the different options of sizes, materials, colors and prices.