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About us

ArtMonite is the project of two art historians with the ambition of bringing sculpture closer to the general public. ArtMonite was born as a virtual gallery where sculptures by relevant authors and from various cultures of the world are exhibited. These can be downloaded as 3D print models, or purchased in print using additive manufacturing technologies. ArtMonite begins its journey in January 2021 with the ambition to continuously expand its catalog of 3D print models.

Our Commitment

ArtMonite has been created from a passion for art, being our commitment to:

  • The artists: The works presented in ArtMonite, for the 3D print models, have been selected with the collaboration of the artists and following their aesthetic criteria. ArtMonite works with the authorization of the artists for the commercialization of their 3D print models, and they share in the profits of the sales.
  • The art works: At ArtMonite we are committed to being faithful to the original. The digital scans necessary to obtain the 3D print models are based on the original pieces that, collectors or the authors themselves, make available to us. The scans are carried out with the most advanced technologies.
  • The customers: ArtMonite emphasizes the final product quality and in order to achieve our goal, we work with different professionals with access to the most advanced technologies for each process. ArtMonite's ambition is to provide a work of art to its clients.

Our proposal

ArtMonite offers 3D printing models and sculptures printed using 3D

printing technology. ArtMonite seeks to democratize sculpture, in the same way that the methods that

2D reproduction methods democratized painting and photography in the 20th century. In this way, ArtMonite, with its 3D printing models, tries to bring works of a discipline of limited access to the general public.

In addition to the possibilities offered on the website, at ArtMonite we are open to addressing custom projects at the request of our clients.

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