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Chapitel 1 from Saint Mary of Arce


This chapitel belongs to the portal of the hermitage of Santa María de Arce, located in the Valley of Arce, northeast of Navarra (Spain). The temple dates from the end of the 12th century and belongs to the so-called rural Romanesque style, which is so widespread in the area.

The front consists of several archivolts and a semicircular arch, in addition to 4 chapitels with different states of conservation. The chapitel, whose model is attached, is the outer right chapitel, which is decorated with vegetal forms.

This chapitel was scanned by photogrammetry by Artmonite on a visit to the Valley. During this visit we stayed at Casa Mari Cruz, a wonderful rural house that can be used as a base point to visit this hermitage, as well as other places steeped in history such as Roncesvalles. We attach a link to their website in case you are interested:

You can find more information about the hermitage of Santa María de Arce at the following link:

More Romanesque sculptures available on Artmonite:

Adding to the cart you will download the STL and OBJ files (with textures included) to print the sculpture on a 3D printer. If you are interested in acquiring the work already printed, contact us so that we can inform you of the different options of sizes, materials, colors and prices.

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