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Yaxchilan Lintel


This stone lintel, dating from 725 AD. during the Mayan period in Yaxchilan, reveals a captivating narrative imbued with ritual meaning. Crafted in great detail, the scene portrays a sacrificial blood offering, invoking the visionary manifestation of Yat-Balam, the founding ancestor of the Yaxchilan dynasty. Yat-Balam takes the form of a warrior, wielding a spear and shield, emerging dramatically from the gaping jaws of a two-headed serpent perched atop Lady Xoc. She stands below, looking up in amazement at the apparition he has summoned. Lady This lintel is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of the Mayan period and offers insight into the spiritual and dynastic traditions that shaped the cultural landscape of Yaxchilan.

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