Picasso (Pablo) - Head of a Woman


The downloadable model is the one belonging to the work "Woman's Head" by the artist Pablo Picasso. It is considered his first cubist sculpture and represents Fernande Olivier, his first love.

The original work was executed in 1909 initially in clay, and later it was cast in bronze. The work was auctioned in 2022 by Christies so that its owner, the MET in New York, could raise funds.

This model is protected by the CC license.

For more information about this work: https://www.museoreinasofia.es/coleccion/obra/tete-femme-fernande-cabeza-mujer-fernande-0

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Adding to the cart you will download the STL file, needed to print the sculpture on a 3D printer. If you are interested in acquiring the work already printed, contact us so that we can inform you of the different options of sizes, materials, colors and prices.