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Shiva musician


This sculpture is a representation of the god Shiva playing as a musician. Shiva, along with Brahma and Vishnu, is part of the Hindu trinity, his role being that of the destroyer of the world, facing a new rebirth.

Shiva is the god of dance, but his artistic skills don't stop there. He knows sixty-four forms of art that includes the dance, the song, the theater, and the practice of the musical instruments. The relationship between the musician and his instrument is generally well represented in Khmer iconography. A unique Khmer style emerged from the combination of indigenous animistic beliefs and the originally Indian religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. These two religions, along with the Sanskrit language and other elements of Indian civilization, arrived in mainland Southeast Asia during the first few centuries ad. Although Shiva traditionally has four arms, in this representation we see him with two.

The model for this sculpture is protected by the license C.C.. This figure was scanned in Bogotá during the 2014 International Fair at CORFERIAS.

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